Northern Flicker, Blue Jay and a Sparrow

I was thrilled to see the a Northern Flicker, a Blue Jay and a Sparrow eating peacefully together at our bird feeder!

Flicker Feeding Time

It was mom’s turn to feed one of the three young flickers in their palm tree nest hole. I monitored the nest from a distance every few days and enjoyed watching both parents take turns feeding their young. It was fun watching them get their feathers and start looking like real little flickers!

Northern Flicker Babies

I came across this nest hole and its three little residents in a dead palm tree while driving up a country road. I was amazed at how patiently the three young flickers were…they often waited a long time for one of their parents to arrive. This tree was also the home of European Starling babies and a young ground squirrel. I hope it doesn’t get cut down!

Playing peek-a-boo

I saw some movement in this hole in a tree so I took a closer look, I didn’t hang around too long I didn’t want anyone to miss a meal.

Tree House!

Two juvenile Northern Flickers in a tree cavity waiting patiently for food.

Flicker Feeding

Northern Flickers nesting in tree cavity. I captured one of the two juveniles being fed.

Pushed out the door

After being fed by his dad, this young male nestling was steadily shoved out of the nest box by his sister. The male finally gave in to the inevitable and fledged, flying steadily about 100 feet to a tree, closely followed by his dad. The impatient sister fledged 1 or 2 minutes later in a different direction, followed by mom. 2 or 3 siblings fledged next morning. I think this is a better photo, from full video uploaded to NestWatch site.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology