Waiting On Food

When the baby swallows saw mom coming they all opened wide for feeding

No Robins Zone

This robin thought it would be okay to take a break on a swallow’s nest box. The robin was mistaken.

Tree Swallow chick hatching

A strong chick began hatching from one Tree Swallow egg during NestWatch check of bird box.

Dragonfly dinner

This swallow is feeding its babies dragonflies for dinner The day after this picture was taken, the babies fledged.

Tree swallow baby gets ready for a dragonfly

Hello World!

This nestling swallow was waiting for dinner and also checking out the big scary world. This baby and his 4 siblings were attacked by a house sparrow before they were able to fledge. Fortunately I saw this happen and was able to rush the babies to a bird rehabber. Three of the five babies were later released after they had fledge and grown strong enough.

Feeding Time for Baby Tree Swallows

One of the parents was flying in with insects to feed its baby Tree Swallows.

Me First

Swallows being fed

Meals on Wings

It was a very windy day and these recently fledged Tree Swallows were staying in the tree while the parents fed them.

Hungry Tree Swallows

Home Sweet Home

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology