Four Young Finches

These are the same four finches that were begging for food in my other picture. When I checked on them on this day, they were all huddled closely together and all looking at me as I whistled and welcomed them into the world.

Finch Babies Asking for Food

Baby Finches beg for food from their nest, located on our front door. We monitored the actions and safety of our guests from start to finish. We are still greeted by them every day in our bird bath and feeders in our backyard.

Eye-rolling Mama

This baby House Finch followed her Mama relentlessly for several days. The parents had about five chicks but this one would not learn to fins her own food and constantly demanded to be fed. I think the Mama gor fed up and just rolled her eyes. The whole scene was comical and I’m happy I was there to document it.

House Finch Nest

This little family built a nest right inside one of my ferns on our porch!

male watching the nest

male house finch watching the nest

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology