Loving Home

These mute swans demonstrate that nesting is a partnership.

A Deer Fawn being Delivered to the Nest

A parent bald eagle delivers a fawn to its nest where there are 3 juvenile eagles. This nest is located along the Yakima River Canyon Road …. a spectacular drive south of Ellensburg. I have followed it for several years … and this was the third consecutive year that the pair had nested there. Over the years watching and photographing the adults bring food to the nest, with exception of this delivery, all were fish.

Flying Fish Food Service

A parent landing with its catch at its nesting area with a highly animated hungry sibling and the other parent squawking its homecoming excitement. These Terns nest on the roof of an abandoned warehouse near the Port of Everett harbor.

Curious baby owls

These three baby Western Screech-Owls were looking out of their nest cavity and wondering what human passers-by were doing along Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail in Lafayette, California. They fledged the next day.

I am home!

These majestic Bald Eagles build a nest in an urban environment – next to Curtner Elementary School in Milpitas, California. What a treat for locals following their nesting cycle!

Like my nest?

At Fort Scott, The Presidio, San Francisco, California, there are a number of nesting birds. None of them surprise me as much as this atypical Allen’s Hummingbird nest. It is not a cup, but a large and elaborated creation.

House Wren Eggs

Flycatcher eggs

Decorative Touch

A single feather placed next to the single egg, gave it a sweet decorative touch.

My turn, my turn!

Papa Pileated is feeding his female nestling while her brother squawks impatiently for his turn.
This Pileated Woodpecker nest was in one of many dead trees in the middle of a beaver pond. I took the photo from my pack boat.

Chipping sparrow in hidden nest in pine tree.

This chipping sparrow made a nest in the pine tree outside my front door and this was the best photo I got of her incubating the eggs. Her nest is protected by all the branches, twigs and pine needles.

Mommy’s Here

While my mom was sitting outside, she realized that there was a female hummingbird building a nest in our backyard, up in a tree. The hummingbird started sitting in the nest and eventually, the eggs hatched. The baby hummingbirds continued to grow and the mother came to feed them. One day, while my mom and I were watching the hummingbirds, the mother came to feed them. At that moment, I realized that it was the perfect moment to get a photo of the mother feeding her babies. So I grabbed the camera and took a picture while the mother was still feeding and it turned out better then I thought it would!
Elly Drazic
12 years old

cutest baby

This family of Eastern Bluebirds nested in my terra cotta birdhouse this spring. I never expected bluebirds to choose it and I am thrilled they did! They were a mated pair and another female that I assume is from a clutch from last year. They all three took turns feeding and watching over the nestlings until they fledged a week later.

Screech Owl

This screech owl is often seen hanging out in an old Chestnut tree in her home,with nest inside, all different times of day. The tree is located in front of a lumber store office. She does not mind all the customers in and out of the office throughout the day. This year she had three babies. I took this picture in the middle of a cloudy day . I would never use a flash. I was surprised she has has eyes wide open sometimes and seems to be sleeping with them closed or half open other times

No wonder the name Northern Shoveler with a bill like that.

Female Northern Shoveler Duck dedicated to her nest.day in and day out on a patch of grass under a tree between a busy road and a pond . I travel the road multiple times daily. I never saw her off her nest , nor did I see a male around. She must have taken breaks from time to time. I was a bit surprised she chose a spot so close to a very busy road.

Eastern Screech Owlets

I have a eastern screech owl nesting box in my backyard. I was so lucky to see the owlets for one day after they fledged. Here are the two little owlets

A New Hope

Lizard for Lunch

Cryptic Chicken

Musical Nest

A House Finch constructs her nest on top of a wind chime on our front porch.

Mom is Here

Mom comes to bring food to her hungry babies.

Hungry Mouths

Four hungry baby American Robins call out for one of their parents to feed them.


An American Robin sits quietly on a nest she constructed on the downspout under the eaves of our home for protection from the elements.

I’m Hungry Mom

Here a nest was constructed on the fence of our next door neighbors. I could see her fly in and out feeding her young. One day I was able to get my camera at the perfect time to set up and start snapping shots. She brought in several insects to feed her young. It was a very special moment for this bird watcher.

Four Young Finches

These are the same four finches that were begging for food in my other picture. When I checked on them on this day, they were all huddled closely together and all looking at me as I whistled and welcomed them into the world.

Finch Babies Asking for Food

Baby Finches beg for food from their nest, located on our front door. We monitored the actions and safety of our guests from start to finish. We are still greeted by them every day in our bird bath and feeders in our backyard.

House Finch Nest

This little family built a nest right inside one of my ferns on our porch!

Mockingbird Nest

Mockingbird Babies

“Singing” Mockingbird Babies

Nest searchers

These two mating mourning doves search for a nesting spot.

Egg and young

A hatched bird and an I hatched egg

Baby dove in nest

A picture taken by my phone

sleeping babies

babies with feathers sleeping peacefully

beautiful eggs

Eggs of American Robin.

Blue eggs

American Robin built the nest on the top of the trellis where a climbing rose was growing

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology