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Do I have to enter ALL of my nest attempt data?

Some data is better than no data! If you or your organization lacks the time to enter all nest sites and nest attempts, please feel free to enter a subset of your nesting records as long as you randomly select these sites. It is important that we have a random selection of your nest sites, not just the successful sites or the failed sites. For example, assume you have 30 nest sites total, and of these, 10 were successful, 10 failed, and 10 had an unknown outcome. If you only have time to enter half of these, a random sample would select 5 or so from each group (give or take). In this example, it would bias the database if you only submitted the 10 successful nests. Even though it is not as pleasant to report, data on failed nest attempts is just as important as the successful nests, as it gives us a much more accurate picture of what is actually happening.

If you have >100 nest attempts that you would like to enter but don’t have time, consider trying our Bulk Import Tool.

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