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How can I submit photos of a nest?

There is a button on each nest attempt page on the website that reads “Add Photos.” Click this to choose the nest visit date and upload your photo. Up to three photos can be attached to each nest visit you have recorded.

If you’re using the app, you will have the ability to add photos when you fill out your nest visit data. You can also add a photo to your visit after you’ve entered your nest visit data by using the “Edit” toggle at the top of the nest attempt page in the app and then tapping on a row in the “Observations” table to edit data for that specific visit.

You can also submit your photos to our Participant Photos gallery. Use the “Upload your photo or video” tab along the top of the gallery to upload your photo. You can then sign in, or you can choose to submit as a guest.  

Note: You should always prioritize the safety of the birds over taking a good photograph of a nest. Remember to keep nest visits under a minute in length, and do not keep parents off the nest during bad weather or when predators are nearby.

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