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How do I edit my data on the app?

To make edits to your nest site or to edit any nest visit information, select the ‘My Nests’ icon at the bottom of the app screen, then choose your nest site to edit its most recent nesting attempt. From the nest attempt overview page, tap the “Edit” toggle at the top, and all editable fields will appear highlighted below. Tap any of the highlighted areas to make edits, and then when you are done, tap the “edit” toggle again to exit from Edit Mode.

Please note that some data cannot be edited on the app, and so you must log in to the NestWatch website in order to make those edits.  Additionally, if you need to make edits to a previous nesting attempt for any nest site, you will also need to do so on the website. The app displays only the most recent nest attempt for each nest site.

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