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How are data used?

Once entered on the NestWatch website or mobile app, data are added to the NestWatch database. From there, scientists can analyze datasets for their research without contacting participants. Data are primarily used for long-term monitoring of nesting birds and can be used to document the effects of climate change, noise and light pollution, or other factors affecting breeding birds. Data are also used to study factors that influence variation in things like clutch size. You can view a list of publications that have used NestWatch data here.

NestWatch staff also compile your data annually and share it in the NestWatch Digest, an easy-to-read summary report. You can view previous volumes here.

Anyone can download project-wide data on our website here, and personal data is always accessible at the bottom of the Your Data home page when you’re signed in. You can also use our Map Room to explore an interactive map of nest sites by species and year.

View our Data Terms of Use here.

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