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Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay (Aphelocoma woodhouseii)

Photo © Chris Wood/Macaulay Library

Adult at nest

Photo © Robinsegg

Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay Eggs

Photo © RenĂ© Corado

Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay

Photo © Chris Wood/Macaulay Library

Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay with nesting material

Photo © Gerald Baines/Macaulay Library

Adult (Woodhouse's)

Photo © Chris Wood | Macaulay Library

Juvenile (Woodhouse's)

Photo © Alan Ketcham | Macaulay Library

Adult (Sumichrast's)

Photo © Andrew Spencer | Macaulay Library

Adult (Woodhouse's)

Photo © Kai Mills | Macaulay Library

Adult (Woodhouse's)

Photo © Tim Lenz | Macaulay Library

Adult (Woodhouse's)

Photo © Doug Hitchcox | Macaulay Library


Photo © Bryan Guarente | Macaulay Library

Calls (Woodhouse's)

© Geoffrey A. Keller | Macaulay Library

Calls (Woodhouse's)

© Dale A. Zimmerman | Macaulay Library

Calls (Woodhouse's)

© Jay McGowan | Macaulay Library

Calls (Sumichrast's)

© Eric R. Gulson C. | Macaulay Library

Calls (Sumichrast's)

© L. Irby Davis | Macaulay Library

Calls (Sumichrast's)

© Eric R. Gulson C. | Macaulay Library

When To Look

Source: Birds of North America Online

Where To Find It


open woodland


Live Tree Branch

Bush or Shrub

Vine or Tangle

What You'll Find

Nest Type




Clutch Size


Nest Height

14 ft
6 ft

Nesting Statistics

Incubation Period


Brooding Period


Useful Hints

  • Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay and California Scrub-Jay were considered a single species known as Western Scrub-Jay until 2016.
  • Both members of a pair help with nest-building.
  • Either sex selects a nest site and initiates nest construction. A potential nest site is indicated to the mate by making an undulating flight to the site while producing loud flight vocalizations, often while carrying nest material. Wheeze vocalizations are produced upon approach to the site.
  • Scrub-Jays frequently construct nest platforms, especially at the onset of nesting season, that are never used.
  • Nests are often well hidden amid foliage and vines.

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