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How can I tell my data were saved?

When entering data on our website, your data are saved continuously. However, if you have a poor internet connection, we recommend double-checking the “Save” button on the bottom left of your Nest Attempt page. It should look yellow and read “all data saved.” Otherwise, you’ll see a green “save” button. It’s always good to check this before navigating away from the page. Once it says “all data saved” you can navigate away or close the webpage.

On the app, your data are similarly saved to your phone when you finish adding the nest visit data. To make sure this gets properly uploaded to the database, be sure to “sync” your data if you are prompted (e.g., if you have been in a low-service area and return to better service, you might see a prompt). To sync, open the app menu and check the “Unsynced Data” option.

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