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I am having trouble using the app. How do I get help?

Please check the FAQs to see if they answer your question. If you don’t find an answer, please fill out the Contact Us form. Please include your phone’s make (iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S11, Google Pixel 4), its Android or iOS version, and the specific issue you are encountering. The more detail the better – include what buttons you selected, the error messages you’re seeing, and other such details, if applicable.

Screenshots of the issue are always helpful. To take a screenshot on an iOS device, press the power and home screen button at the same time. On Android, press the power and volume down button at the same time. The screenshot should be stored in your photos, and can be shared from there, or attached to an email as you would attach any other photo. Some devices also have a screen recorder – if yours has one and you think it would be helpful to record the error you’re seeing, please feel free to send us the resulting video file (but keep it short, please).

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