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I’m part of a monitoring group – how can we get all of our data on the same account?

Currently, the easiest way for members of the same group to report data is to simply share one username and password – every person logs in to the same account to enter data (either via the website or our mobile app). All monitors would then be able to see the same data, and multiple people can enter data for the same nest if needed (for example, if a different volunteer checks the same box every week), but this also gives everyone the ability to the change password, the email address, and any data. This option may be best suited for small groups.

Alternatively, your group members could collect their own data on paper and send these data to one person dedicated to entering all of the data on the online account. This would work best in situations where certain volunteers are responsible for certain boxes throughout the season.

If you have more questions about group data entry, please feel free to reach out to nestwatch@cornell.edu.

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