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What are the current operating system requirements for the NestWatch mobile app?

Android devices need an operating system of at least Android 7. You can check your Android operating system version by going to: Settings → About Phone or About Device. The Android version number is usually a number without decimals (e.g. Android 11).

iOS devices need an operating system of at least iOS 13.0. You can check your device’s iOS version by going to Settings → General → About.  On the About page, look for the version number. The version number often has one or two decimals (e.g. 15.3.3, or 16.1).

You can usually update your device’s operating system from the settings. If your device does not allow you to update your iOS or Android system, then the device hardware may be too outdated to run the NestWatch app. Please note that updates are meant to keep up with security improvements and are the surest way to have a safe and secure experience on your device. If this is the case, you may instead need to enter your data online on NestWatch.org. Sign in here to get started.

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