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Where can I find construction plans to build nest boxes?

1. In books. Your public library or local book store should have a few books on the subject of nest boxes. Here are two books with complete information related to nest boxes:

  • Stokes, Donald and Lillian. Birdhouse book: the complete guide to attracting nesting birds. Broquet, LaPrairie, 1995. 96 p.
  • Pennsylvania Wild Resource Conservation Fund & Pennsylvania Game Commission. Woodcrafting for Wildlife: Homes for Birds and Mammals. 3rd Edition. 64 p.

2. In our All About Birdhouses center, you will find several different types of nest box models, box measurements for common species, tips for success, predator guard plans, etc. Many other web sites also provide information on nest boxes.

If you want birds to nest successfully in your nest boxes, you should remember to:

  • Protect the boxes from predators. Do not place them within easy reach of raccoons and squirrels.
  • Clean them. In fall, once the nesting season is over, you should remove the old nest material. This will eliminate parasites and provide a clean nesting environment for next year’s birds.
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