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Will the NestWatch app work without internet or cell service?

Yes. If you frequently find yourself without internet or cellular service, NestWatch can work offline.

The app will automatically go into offline mode if you do not have Wi-Fi or cellular service available. To trigger the app to work in offline mode, go to your device settings and turn on airplane mode. This turns off your device’s connectivity.

When you use the app while you are in airplane mode, the app will show you that you are offline with a red message at the top of the nest site screen, notifying you that the nest details you have entered remotely remain unsynced. To get out of offline mode, turn off your phone’s airplane mode setting, or return to a place that has strong network connectivity. Note, when you are in airplane mode, your device will not receive calls or text messages. The next time you are connected to a network, open the NestWatch app so that the data will sync to the NestWatch server. You can also check for unsynced data in the app menu and prompt a manual sync if necessary.

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