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Nest Box Plan Upgrade

We've recently updated the nest box plan for five species that can use the same size box.

Cavity-Nesting Birds Poster

The Cavity-nesting Birds poster is back by popular demand!

Free Owl Resources!

What owl was that? Download free owl sounds and learn which owls haunt your neighborhood at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find construction plans to build nest boxes?

Where can I find construction plans to build nest boxes? In our Right Bird, Right House tool, you’ll be able to sort by your region and local habitat to find a list of birds that have been known to nest in a human-made structure in your area. Most species listed are cavity-nesting birds, but we’ve […]


So You Want To Install A Nest Cam?

Whether you are a long-time citizen scientist or brand new to birds, nest cams can enhance your enjoyment of bird watching. With nest box cameras, you can witness interesting behaviors that cannot be seen outside of the nest box while learning about the cycle of life unfolding in your back yard. But first, you need […]

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