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The Life and Times of Mites

If you monitor bird nests, you’re probably pretty familiar with mites. Join us as we explore the different kinds of mites that inhabit birds and their nests, and discover how birds have evolved to fight back.

NestWatcher Finds Rare Albino Nestling

A NestWatcher discovers an albino Tree Swallow in a Massachusetts nest box. Fewer than one-half of a percent of all birds have this genetic condition.

What’s All The Buzzing About?

Do Northern Flickers have a “hive mind” mentality? Or is their acoustic resemblance to a swarm of bees simply coincidence? Listen in, and decide for yourself!

The Nests That Weren’t

We love to play “Guess whose nest?” and answer your burning nest questions. Sometimes, however, this takes a detour into non-avian species. Here are our top five participant finds.

Buckeye Birds Track Temperature And Precipitation

A new study based on Ohio’s bluebirds and Tree Swallows sheds light on how future climate scenarios might impact nesting birds. It also takes a look at how birds might help mitigate crop pests in Ohio.

Time Traveling House Finches

A study spanning a century of House Finch data suggests that as California’s springs get warmer, the birds are laying eggs earlier in the season. Read on to learn how researchers used our nest records to uncover the historic lives of House Finches.

Predators Near the Nest: Bluebirds Weigh the Risks

When it comes to predators near the nest, do birds leave after just one observation? A recent study suggests that simply observing a predator at the nest box one time is not likely to cause abandonment.

On Cowbirds and Changelings: is there more to the lore?

How did the bizarre folklore of the “changeling” child first enter European literature? Could an avian reproductive strategy called “brood parasitism” have served as inspiration? This week, we explore the origins of this fanciful myth by examining real-life changelings (i.e., cowbirds and cuckoos).

Inspection Cams Bring Nests Into View

Have you found a nest that is hard to check? Maybe a nest inspection camera is the right tool for you! Read on to learn about this technical solution to monitoring nests that are in tight spots.

Sold! Realtors Take On The Owl Housing Market

When a husband-and-wife team in the real estate business set out to build a Barred Owl nest box, they hoped their listing would please the local owls that were heard calling around their new property. In time, it did, but they had to put in some sweat equity to make it happen. Read our new blog post about their journey and the lessons learned. This box will be the envy of the neighborhood!