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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Mark Bledsoe

What’s This Bird Doing?

In this photo, a Carolina Chickadee is peering into an open pipe. When we received this photo for identification, we advised that the pipe be immediately covered with something like a mesh screen, spray foam, or even a rock. Why?

Cavity-nesting birds, like this chickadee, are obligated to nest in holes, so they explore potential nesting sites within their territory. This bird is almost certainly looking for a nest hole, but narrow open pipes can act as traps! Birds fall in and are unable to get out. We have received reports of such pipes being filled with the remains of unfortunate birds who were searching for a nest site. This spring, why not search for open pipes on your property and ensure they are capped off? It’s free, easy, and might save some birds. Read more about this issue here.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology