NestWatch is a nationwide nest-monitoring program designed to track status and trends in the reproductive biology of birds. Participating in NestWatch is easy and anyone can do it.

How to Participate

  1. Take the online quiz to get certified
  2. Find nests
  3. Record data
  4. Submit online or with the mobile app

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NestWatch News

A female Tree Swallow perches at a nest hole with 3 nestlings peeking out.

NestWatchers Inform Study On Nutrition

April 2022

Learn how climate change, omega-3s, and insects are affecting birds during the breeding season in our latest blog post.

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digest cover with an image of an American Oystercatcher feeding its chick on a beach

In Case You Missed It

April 2022

Our yearly NestWatch Digest is now available!

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A male Eastern Bluebird with worm and a female with a cricket perch atop a nest box.

Welcoming A New Chapter

April 2022

Our newest NestWatch Chapter is Norman Bird Sanctuary, from Middletown, RI!

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An illustration of a woman cleaning out a nest box with a mask on and wearing gloves

Read Our Statement on Avian Influenza

April 2022

Learn about what you should do if you find a sick or dead bird, plus check out important resources.

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