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I’m new. How do I enter data for a nest I found?

Here’s a simple break-down of how to enter data.

If you are entering data on our website:

  • First, sign in to (or create) your account at NestWatch.org
  • Next, go to Your Data home page and click “Add new nest site.” Tell us where you found the nest, either by typing in the latitude and longitude, or entering the nearest mailing address. Once the marker is placed, scroll down to name the site and fill out the rest of the nest site details, such as where the nest was found and what the surrounding habitat is like.
  • When you’re done, you should see the option to “Start a new nesting attempt.” This is where you will record all of your nest visits to this particular nest. Enter as much information as you can for your visit(s). You can either fill out your nest visits after each nest check, or all at once at the end – it’s up to you. You will have the option to submit data in “Single Entry Mode” or “Table Entry mode” – table entry mode will allow you to see all of the nest visits you have submitted so far.
  • After the young in this nest have left the nest, click “Summarize nesting attempt” to tell us the nest outcome and other important information. Again, fill this section out to the best of your ability- it’s ok to leave some fields blank.
  • When you’re done, click “end nesting attempt” to close out the attempt. Then, you’ll have the option to start a new attempt for the next clutch of eggs, if applicable.

Find more tips in our Data Entry Tutorial Videos, or the green “show instructions” button near the top of Your Data home page.

If you are entering data on the app:

  • When you’re signed in to the NestWatch mobile app and on the “Home” screen, look along the bottom of the page and tap “Add nest.”
  • Choose the location either by entering the coordinates manually or using the marker. If using the marker, you can also use the “Enter precision mode” toggle to drag the map underneath the marker to record a nest site that is not near to your current position.
  • Next name the nest, fill out as many nest site details as you can, and then tap the “Create nest” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the next page, tap “Start attempt” to begin recording data for a nest. You will be brought to a page to fill out the data for your first nest visit. Tap “Submit” when you’re done.
  • For each subsequent nest visit, tap “My nests” at the bottom of the app homepage, select your nest site, and then tap “Add visit.” When the nest attempt is finished (the young have fledged), tap “End attempt” on that same page to tell us the outcome of the nest.
  • After you have ended your attempt, the nest site page will show the options to “Start attempt” or “Archive nest” Learn more about when you should archive nests.

Note: Each nesting attempt should record one clutch of eggs, from start to finish. Some nest sites will have multiple nest attempts listed, from more than one species. For more information, read the definitions between a Nest Site, Nest Attempt, and Nest Visit here, and view our data structure here.

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