This is a baby eastern bluebird waiting for it’s parents to bring food. It fledged a soon after this picture.

Looking Blue

The Blue parents take a short break in the evening after feeding 5 ravenous kids since daybreak

Mama I’m hungry!

Taken outside our kitchen window in our Locust Tree.

Fledging makes me hungry!

Feeding time on fledging day.

Grumpy Baby Blue

Snoozing Blue Babies

Nearly naked Western Bluebird chicks. The first two were hatched July 5, with another in progress. Note the uppermost chick in the photo, with its chin resting on an unhatched blue egg.

Bluebird Babies Before Dawn

Every morning this Spring, our Bluebird babies were out at dawn, searching for breakfast, most often sitting on the same limb of the same oak tree. One morning I couldn’t resist making this photo, backlit from the sunrise. The Bluebirds were so cute and so serious!

Bluebird Baby Checking Out An Old House

When our Bluebird babies were old enough to do some exploring, they found an old Bluebird house and checked it out. A House Wren family had moved into the house, and Mrs. Wren wasn’t very happy about having the Bluebird babies on her house! The Bluebird babies probably didn’t realize that one or the other of their parents was born in this house!

Bluebird Babies at Odds

Early every morning this Spring, our Bluebird family–Dad, Mom and three babies–would gather on top of an old arbor to look for breakfast across the lawn. The parents were usually looking for breakfast, while the babies played, tested their wings, and generally waited to be fed! One morning I saw the three babies sitting close together, and two of them were disagreeing about something!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology