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Photo © Al Tuttle

Who can participate?

Anyone, although children monitoring nests should always be accompanied by an adult. The only requirement is that you find an active bird nest, record the breeding activity, and enter your data through the “Your Data” page on this web site. We are especially interested in data on our focal species.

  • Teachers: Does your schoolyard have the potential for birds to nest? If so, you could add the nest monitoring project as a special activity to your natural sciences’ course. Download the teaching module.
  • Businesses: Does your company have space for nest boxes? Add NestWatch to your corporate stewardship program, and demonstrate your environmental responsibility.
  • Nonprofits: Do you conduct nest monitoring as part of your regular activities? NestWatch is a long-term, stable repository for your organization’s data.
  • Individuals: From your back yard to your local park, you can monitor a nest anywhere in the world.
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