First flight out of the birdbox

Babies first flight! Fledging from the box.

Feeding time just before fledge

Feeding time just prior to fledge

Baby Bluebird Fledges the Nest! First Flight!

Piggy-back Violet-green Swallow babies

Violet-green Swallow babies close to fledging. They spend lots of time taking turns hanging out of the nest box hole and being fly by fed by parents during the last few days before they fledge. I’ve never seen 2 babies manage to squeeze out of the nest box hole at the same time before.

Eastern Bluebirds Fledging

Eastern Bluebird leaving house

One of five Eastern Bluebirds leaving the birdhouse

Northern Flicker “I’m not ready to go…”

A Northern Flicker fledged with a little help from his sister. Is she laughing after she gives him the shove-off? He flew well for about 100 feet to a tree branch, followed by dad to check on him. Sister fledged about 2 minutes later, followed by mom. I was extremely lucky to witness this event, as I had just gotten the iPhone and scope set up to capture whatever was happening at the nest box.

The other 2 or 3 siblings fledged the following morning. It was hard to tell how many nestlings were inside since they were constantly jostling for position at the hole in order to be the first to be fed when mom or dad came around.

Baby Bluebirds

First nesting attempt a success! Baby Bluebirds at 5 days and 33 days from first nesting of the 2016 season. 2nd nesting attempt has started with the female laying her first egg in the same nest box on 5-4-16.

Bluebirds Ready to Fledge

They Fledged!

All of the baby robins have fledged now! ūüėÄ

They grew up so fast!

The first baby Robin fledged yesterday! It was so cool to watch! Can’t wait to see the others fledge!
I’m so proud of the Momma and Daddy Robins! First House Sparrows destroyed their nest, then an American Crow flew up to their nest, but none of the babies were harmed thank goodness!

Gonna Fly Soon!

story of the wrens

The resident Carolina wren decided to build a nest in my porch. Out of a brood of four, three fledged.

Eastern Bluebirds fledge.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology