Media Submission Terms and Conditions

By submitting your audiovisual media (hereinafter the “Content”) to the Cornell Lab, you retain the copyright to this Content, and you thereby grant to Cornell University a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free and perpetual license, in all media (print, electronic, or other), to use, distribute, sublicense (see below), reproduce, modify, adapt, and publicly display the Content for any purposes that further the research and educational mission of the Cornell Lab. These purposes may include (without limitation) scientific research, display on Cornell Lab websites such as NestWatch, eBird, Macaulay Library, Birds of North America Online, and Neotropical Birds, promotional uses, and inclusion in Cornell Lab multimedia content and products. We retain the right to sublicense the Content for research use, but will not sublicense the Content to any third party for commercial use without your permission. Whenever the Cornell Lab uses your media, you will be attributed.

You warrant that the Content is either owned by you, or in the public domain. You agree that you will hold Cornell Lab and Cornell University harmless from any claims of Content ownership or infringement by any other person or entity. You agree that you are solely responsible for protecting the Content from infringement by a third party; Cornell Lab is not responsible for pursuing such claims on your behalf.

You represent that you are 18 years old or older. If you are between the age of 13 and 18, you may submit media with the consent of a parent or guardian.

Cornell Lab reserves the right to use/not use any submitted audiovisual media as deemed appropriate by Cornell Lab in its sole discretion.