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Loi Nguyen

Calipatria, CA, United States


I have heard about the artificial burrow that US Fish and Wildlife and Cornell Labs are installing at Salton Sea to help protect the Burrowing Owls, but this was the first time I saw one that was being used. I had arrived at the burrow before sunrise under the cover of darkness and lied flat on the ground with my long telephoto lens. This nest location is very close to the road and the parents are fairly tolerant, but I wanted to impose minimum stress on them. I did not know that they had chicks, so when this chick emerged from the burrow right after sunrise, both the chick and I were surprised to see one another eye to eye.


Cutest Baby

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Curious Chick

AWARD WINNER: Honorable Mention

3 responses to “Curious Chick”

  1. Karen Shelton says:

    The facial expressions are fascinating, and entertaining. The clarity is mind-blowing.

  2. Hong Le says:

    Beautiful image

  3. Dean Amundson says:

    Love these little owls.

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