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Lauretta Button

Montrose, PA, United States


Where I work a tree was being taken down when the nest was found. The landscapers ‘transplanted’ the nest in another tree. I was concerned about the babies, so after work I sat in my car and watched to make sure that Momma robin found the nest. Shortly, there she was. With a worm in her mouth, she stepped on the nest and the nest fell to the ground. I was very sad until I remembered that I had zip ties in the trunk of my car. I used a dozen ties to secure the nest. I placed the babies in the nest and once again I was in my car waiting for Momma. Sure enough, she showed up with dinner for the babies. All three babies fledged the following week.


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Nest Transplantation

Zip Tie Use #159 - NEST REPAIR

One response to “Nest transplantation”

  1. Donna says:

    That’s wonderful that you were able to rescue the babies and save the nest! Kudos to you!

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