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Belen Bilgic Schneider

Anderson Island, WA, United States


Around the perimeter of a field where emergency helicopters sometimes land, there are orange marker balls to indicate power lines. Every year, a swallow family moves into one of them and raises a little family 🙂


Best Nest

Safety For More Than Just Helicopters!

Swallow babies wait for another meal

3 responses to “Safety For More Than Just Helicopters!”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Hi Belen,

    I think these are either Violet-green Swallows or Tree Swallows. They don’t look like Barn Swallows, which would have a rusty-colored chin, not a white chin. Our guide to common nesting birds can help you narrow it down: http://nestwatch.org/learn/focal-species/.

    Thanks for sharing!

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