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zane liebrum

Tampa, FL, United States


This carolina wren nest is located in an aircraft maintenance hangar at Tampa airport. The nest is located in a cardboard part box. I was surprised to see 8 eggs in 1 nest. I’m not sure if that’s common.


Beautiful Eggs


8 Wren Eggs!

2 responses to “8 wren eggs!”

  1. Lynda says:

    I just discovered the Carolina wren nest in my garage has 8-9 eggs! The nest location isn’t unusual; they typically have at least 1-2 nests each year. However, I have NEVER seen 8-9 eggs ever! What is going on? And yes, she is still encubating them!

    • Holly Grant, NestWatch Staff says:

      Hi Lynda, You’re right, Carolina Wrens typically have 3-7 eggs per clutch, with 4-6 eggs being the most common. It could be that this bird had enough resources to lay an extra egg or two, or that another bird laid eggs in the same nest (this is much less common for Carolina Wrens, but it’s not unheard of in other species). Because the clutch is so large, it may be that not all will hatch. We invite you to report this nest to NestWatch so that the outcome can be recorded, whatever it may be!

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