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Douglas Vogt

Forest Hills, MI, United States


After building a nest in my garden and not having her eggs hatch the mother built a second nest in my grape vines. I didn’t find it until she’d laid three eggs, which all hatched in the last two days. I’ve been growing the grape vines for 4 years and this year was going to be my “crop” year, however with the nest I can’t really get close and I certainly couldn’t spray the vines insects, etc. The crop is pretty well half destroyed by bugs / black rot, but the bird family is doing just fine.


Feeding Time


A Little Wine From These Grapes Would Go Great With A Worm Mom.

AWARD WINNER: Honorable MentionThese grapes look delicious!

One response to “A little wine from these grapes would go great with a worm mom.”

  1. Jennifer says:

    So cute!

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