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Lesley Earle

Corner Brook, NL, Canada


Watching nests is a fascinating and quite a learning experience. I’ve watched several different nests over the last couple years but had never found a blue jay nest – which is one I’ve really wanted to find – they hide their nests so well, as is evident in the photo I’ve chosen here. When I came across this nest late May of this year I was over the moon happy and the best part was that I hadn’t really missed that much because I discovered it just a few days after they had hatched. Every day I visited the nest and stayed for hours recording video, and just observing what they do. Luckily for me the pair know me very well and have for the last 3 years so they had no trouble with me being there whatsoever. What I liked the most was that the nest was no where near the neighborhood and was very far into the local woods. This made for a very nice setting. For me, this nest has been one of the most interesting and fun to watch, the way they work together as a team is beautiful. I can’t help but to admire all the hard work they put into it!


Feeding Time


Gently, With Loving Care, They Fed Their Nestlings Together

One response to “Gently, with loving care, they fed their nestlings together”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    An intimate look at the private lives of these beautiful jays!

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