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Lynn Robertson

Garrison, NY, United States


After waiting days for these baby Bluebirds to fledge, I was so excited to actually see and photograph this little little one come flying out of the house. There was no hesitation at all, it just came flying right out of the hole in the house way up high into a nearby tree. Although I will truly miss these beautiful birds, which happen to be the New York State bird, I am happy that they all fledged successfully before the heatwave we had here. This was an amazing experience for me that I will never forget and I am hoping they will come back again in years to come.


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Airborne 1st Flight

And Off I Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder :)

5 responses to “Airborne 1st Flight”

  1. Mary says:


  2. Barbara Albano says:

    Just one of many, many beautiful nature photos from Lynn. She has a knack for getting the best bird, animal and landscape pictures. She has an amazing eye.

  3. Judy says:

    Another great photograph. Timing is everything coupled with a skilled photographer.

  4. Tammy Hays says:

    Spectacular! Love the picture!

  5. Micah says:

    Hehe Blue Yonder.

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