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Steven Liffmann

Salem, NH, United States


The female Bluebird was busy gathering material for the nest box. The male was gathering snacks for her to keep up her energy.


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Eastern Bluebirds Gathering Material For The Nest Box

2 responses to “Eastern Bluebirds gathering material for the nest box”

  1. You say the male is helping keeping up her energy, I say it’s because he LOVES her. For many years I have been photographing bluebirds I have seen this happening many times. I have watched many bluebirds as well as other birds doing things for each other. We are now starting to learn so much more about their lives and their fillings toward each other. I have seen all their moods, Happy, mad, sad, hurt, love, and distress when young have disappeared. I also do believe that in someway they can sense our feelings. Many times when photographing birds and animals I have the feelings they know what I’m up too and feel that I’m not going to harm them, letting me do what I want without being disturbed. I have so many unbelievable stories of what I have seen with my 55 years of photographing nature. Also now with better recording methodize we are learning there are more sounds between the sounds we recorded earlier. Some day in my opinion we will be able to communicate with them. Boy will they have something to tell us. Mostly how stupid we are.Take care I was never able to get this shot. Very good job

  2. George Miller says:

    Our Eastern Blue birds use pine straw for their nesting materials in central North Carolina. We have had Blue birds for 20 years in our nest boxes.

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