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Joanne Bradbury

Magnolia, TX, United States


Carolina wren fledges


Cutest Baby

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Species: Carolina Wren

Hang On, Little Fledgling!

Look Mommy! I've left the nest!

2 responses to “Hang on, little fledgling!”

  1. Susan K. Roell says:

    Awesome. My fledglings left yesterday. They were nested in my Christmas Cactus planter. This is my first time to see God’s miracle at work. I watched them build their nest, mom laid six eggs, 5 fledged. I took the nest out of the planter. Do you think they will rebuild again in my planter??? Should I have left the nest in the planter? I really needed to tend to the plant.

  2. Texas Bird Family says:

    What type of bird were they? Some birds reuse their nests, but most don’t.

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