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Lesley Earle

Corner Brook, NL, Canada


In the 7 years of observing several Blue Jays very closely, I have never seen any of them have 5 offspring. I have always only seen the maximum of 3. These little ones have been out of the nest for over two weeks!



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5 Blue Jays Fledglings Sleeping

The more the marrier

One response to “5 Blue Jays Fledglings Sleeping”

  1. Karin Tramel says:

    This last summer we had five baby blue Jay’s. The mother had visited our yard the summer before, she bought her new family like we were her nursery! I was amazed there were five babies. I think she needed help. We put out nuts,fruits and water, they all loved it including the mother. This winter we still have the two sisters coming to our yard, it has been so wonderful to be a natural part of nature. I am waiting to see what happens this spring.

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