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Anacoco, LA, United States


Several pines in my yard died…they were to tall and to close to the house to remain…had the trees topped off at twenty-five to thirty feet and left the rest for the birds…was not disappointed…got to watch several nest cavities constructed and several clutches raised of several types of woodpeckers…this pic was taken thru my sun roof as I pulled into the driveway…this 30 ft stump is the one I park my car next too…often trees have to come down for safety reasons…but they don’t have to come down all the way…leave what you can…if you are like me you will not be disappointed.



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30 ft tree stump

5 responses to “Feed me NOW!!”

  1. Frances Adams says:

    Awesome picture!

  2. David says:

    Has my vote for best photo

  3. Diana McChristy says:

    This one is my favorite picture! I have never yet been able to spot this one in nature. Love it!

  4. Doug Pieritz says:

    This one means a lot to me..cutting those dead trees down and leaving the tall stump was best thing I have done out here…that single stump has had several clutches of redheaded woodpeckers reared…a flicker has called it home and when the birds were done with the holes the squirrels used them…all within fifty feet of my house…you can’t buy entertainment like that.

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