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Soo Baus

Edmonds, WA, United States


These babies were about 24 days old. Unwilling to leave their nest. Mom was getting anxious and making attempts to encourage them to test out their new flying gears! It was very fun to watch them for 27 days! Sweet experiences and memories for me.


Cutest Baby

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Juvenile Anna’s Hummingbirds

AWARD WINNER: Category Winner & People’s Choice

10 responses to “Juvenile Anna’s hummingbirds”

  1. Joyce Krachmalnick says:

    Just as sweet as it could possibly be!

  2. KATE WILDER says:

    Super sweet 🙂 Sue’s work is great.

  3. Dawna Wakefield says:

    This is my favorite Soo. They are so cute looking, crammed in their little nest.

  4. Al Kamil says:

    Lovely Picture!

  5. Michelle Linafelter says:

    Soo- congratulations. Well deserved award.

  6. As a friend of mine from India said , the number one tool for Bird Photography is PATIENCE and I am sure that the photo of the babies took a lot of patience

  7. Andrea A says:

    Congratulations on a heart warming photo!

  8. Perfect!! I love this photo!!

  9. Leslie Kuretzky says:

    Absolutely Adorable

  10. Lorraine S LaRose says:

    This shot shows the amazing nest structure/camouflage needed to safely keep such a twosome! No room for sibling rivalry in that tight spot!
    Congrats on a terrific photo!

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