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Bill O'Dea

Stateline, NV, United States


This photo was taken within a few hours of the chicks leaving the nest. The chick was able to fly over 20′, but couldn’t land on a branch. Landing on a log was fine. The photo was taken on the evening of 7/25. The chicks were hiding until one was spotted in a patch of clover on the morning of 7/31. It had grown tail feathers, but didn’t seem to understand it should be looking for food. The parents are still gathering food for them, and chasing other robins and Steller’s Jays out of the area. The parents are the most protective pair of robins I’ve had nest around my house, even chasing squirrels and a rabbit away from the nest area. They were more tolerant of dogs and people, though they vocalized their displeasure if a person got within 10′ of the nest. This is the second brood for this pair of robins this season, reusing the same nest.


Cutest Baby


Out Of The Nest

A few hours after leaving the nest.

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