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Bowen Island, BC, Canada


according to the internet, these remaining three chicks should fledge today (one chick disappeared during the night, and found found dead beneath the nest a week later)

it looked to me more like mum was laying more eggs.
She snuggled in with her chicks and preened and poked them for quite a while – a behaviour usually only seen as darkness set in.

at any rate, by dinner time, I realized she was saying good bye and the remaining three chicks fledged at dusk.
i could hear mum in the nearby bushes calling them into safety as they fell from the nest.

(update – 6 days after fleding – i have seen at least two survivors)


Nests and Eggs


Three Robin Chicks On Fledge Day

fledge day - last little cuddle and words of wisdom with mum

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