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2012 NestWatch Pledge Drive

Thank you so much for participating in NestWatch this season. Without your data contributions, we would be unable to effectively monitor and study the breeding biology of birds. This has been a very exciting year of growth for us; we’ve launched our new website, started a new NestWatch Chapters program (so far our 24 Chapters have trained over 250 new NestWatchers), and we’re on pace to break the record for most number of nesting attempts submitted in a single year by more than 2,000! But with programmatic growth also comes an increased need for financial support. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a nonprofit organization, and much of the operating costs of NestWatch are supported through the generosity of our participants. More than 3,000 people submitted nest observations last year. If each of you contributes our suggested participation fee of just $10, we would be able to support much of our operational expenses for several years. Please consider helping us grow. For donations of $25 or more, you will receive a NestWatch poster! Please consider making a small contribution today.We sincerely appreciate your kindness!

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