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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Ann Elliott

Attention Barn Swallow Study Participants

If you enrolled in our special Barn Swallow light pollution study earlier this year, but haven’t yet submitted your data, it’s not too late! You can still enter your breeding data via NestWatch, and your light pollution data via our supplemental survey.

It’s not too late to collect supplemental data on light pollution at your Barn Swallow nest site(s). In fact, it is easier now that the sun sets earlier. Simply follow the instructions that were emailed to enrollees, and look for the constellation Perseus by December 20. Click here for instructions on how to recognize Perseus.

Once you’ve submitted your Barn Swallow nesting data and your light pollution data, consider sharing a photo of your Barn Swallow nests. We’ve created a special category for you in our photo sharing tool. Upload a photo here.

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