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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Burline Pullin

Fall Challenge Update

Have you participated in our Fall Classic Challenge yet? Win great prizes by predicting which states will reign supreme when it comes to entering data for some of America’s favorite nesting birds. Each week on our Facebook page, we’re posting a new bird species along with the current top five states reporting that species. Look at the data entry stats for each week’s species on our home page, then make your predictions for which five states will be on top at the end of the year using the voting link provided in the Facebook post. One point will be awarded for each correct rank. On December 14, final tallies of nesting attempts entered in 2012 will be calculated for each state, and the person with the most correct rankings will win a free Cavity-nesting Birds poster, Common Nesting Birds poster, and a Bluebirds Inside the Nest Box DVD. Be sure to enter your nesting data soon, because you may just tip the balance. Visit us on Facebook today to vote for Week Six’s challenge: the Black-capped Chickadee.

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