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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Sandrine Biziaux-Scherson

Fit for Duty

Lee Pauser of the California Bluebird Recovery Program is at it again, sending us reports for 468 nests from 14 species for bulk upload this year. We’re not sure how one person manages to monitor 468 nests in a single year, but his Fitbit calculated that he walked at least 114 miles in May 2016! So, if you want to get your 10,000 steps a day, volunteer to monitor some nest box trails. 

We recognize that Lee is not the only person gathering large amounts of data. NestWatch simply wouldn’t work without all of the number-crunchers, trail-hikers, and bird-lovers like Lee out there roaming the countryside. Whether you are acting alone or as part of an organization, if you have a big data set, we’d like to hear from you. Please be in touch if you think you might have nesting data that we could put to use in our long-term, permanent database.

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