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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Robin Ellison

Make Way For Ducklings

Robin Ellison gave us warm, fuzzy feelings by sharing the story of a mother Mallard who made her nest in a busy hotel parking lot in Napa, California. After waiting anxiously for a month for the eggs to hatch, Robin was there to witness their fledge day and watched as the ducklings all made their way to the river (seeing to it that they had no interference). Robin told us, “I had thought so much about this duck family and hoped they would be okay. I’m so happy everyone made it to the river!”

We love this story because it demonstrates how each and every NestWatcher makes a difference in his or her own way, and that you really can NestWatch anywhere (even in a bustling hotel parking lot). Watch cute videos of the ducklings, and see other neat stories from NestWatchers like you in our participant photo gallery.

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