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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Elizabeth Arnold

Common Birds & Extraordinary Finds!

Check out our Participant Photo Gallery for a glimpse into the lives of breeding birds around North America. See familiar birds like chickadees and bluebirds, as well as rarities and odd behaviors.

American Robin nests are a common sight, but a robin nest with eight eggs?! Robin clutches max out at five eggs, so it is likely that a second female laid eggs in the nest. Elizabeth Arnold of Attleboro, Massachusetts, is monitoring the nest and updating the gallery with photos. How many eggs will hatch? Stay tuned to find out.

Another recent addition to the gallery is a highly-camouflaged Chuck-will’s-widow photographed by Steven Weiss in New Jersey. Can you see her incubating eggs on the forest floor?

Our Great Crested Flycatcher Project continues to draw photos, like this flycatcher wielding a large snakeskin photographed by Bonnie Smith of Louisville, Georgia. 

New photos are added daily! Submit your own shots and join the fun.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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