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The future of NestWatch is in your hands!

So far this year, 1,500 NestWatchers have contributed observations describing more than 10,000 nesting attempts. This information adds yet another chapter to the story of North American nesting birds. Each and every observation submitted enables us to better understand the current health of bird populations, changes that occur over time in their reproductive biology, and what’s causing these changes. Scientists are depending on NestWatch data for their research. There are currently nine ongoing research projects that are incorporating NestWatch data collected by citizen scientists like you.

While we are elated to receive data contributions from more than 1,500 NestWatchers each year, about 23,000 people receive this eNewsletter. We need you, too! Finding and monitoring bird nests certainly is not easy, and understandably isn’t a task suited for everyone. If you couldn’t find any nests to monitor this year, or if you simply enjoy reading the articles in our eNews and information on our website, there is another way that you can make a difference. If each of you contributes just $10 to help support NestWatch, we would be able to fund the program for years to come. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a nonprofit organization and NestWatch is dependent on the generosity of people like you. Last year, your financial contributions helped support NestWatch participant training programs across the country. For these trainings to continue, we need your help. Donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated; however, contributions of $25 or greater will receive a NestWatch poster.

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