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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © NestWatch

Updates to Your Nest Map

We recently changed the way nest maps look in the Your Data dashboard. Most notably, nests that are very close together now appear as clusters when you are zoomed out. Upon zooming in, the clusters break apart to help you edit individual nests more easily. If you have paired nest boxes, colony-nesting birds, or just have many nests in a small area, this will enable you to edit them more easily, even if the markers are right on top of each other. This update also helps the Your Data page load faster—perfect for those with many nest sites.

Another update you’ll notice is that nests with eggs or young can now be spotted at a glance with icons on the nest markers. These icons already appear in our mobile app, but are now on the website as well. The icons serve as a visual reminder of what stage your nest was in the last time you observed it. As always, we appreciate your feedback on how we can keep improving.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology