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When is the best time to enter data?

While any time is a good time to enter your nesting data, we recommend entering data into NestWatch either immediately after a nesting attempt is completed or soon after nesting season has ended. For most of the U.S., that time is now! We find that it’s helpful to enter your nesting data while your observations are still fresh in your mind. Now is the perfect time to visit for a little screen time for science. Doing your part as a citizen scientist not only helps us collect far more information about nesting birds than we ever could alone, it guarantees that your data will be preserved in perpetuity with us, no matter what happens to your field notes or your computer files. We’ve compiled our most frequently-asked questions into a handy list to help you get started. Still have questions about our new website? We’re here to help. Somewhere, a researcher is eagerly awaiting your data…don’t delay–there is no time like the present!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology