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Texas Bird Family

Katy, TX, USA


Today Mr. Deer was on the nest. (and he did everything wrong!) We went to the nest and he ran away! No yelling, no broken wing display, or anything. We came back and he was on the eggs, he got up and ran away then he ran towards me (isn’t he supposed to run away with a broken wing?) saying “dee dee dee deee”. I left and he went back to the eggs. Maybe Mrs. Deer should just sit on them. She doesn’t run away. We also found another nest with another Mrs. Deer on them. She did not get up so the number of eggs in unknown.

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2 Killdeer Nests

Another Killdeer nest!

One response to “2 Killdeer nests”

  1. Texas Bird Family says:

    Update: The first Killdeer nest is doing fine. (Apart from the fact that her nest almost got run over by a truck yesterday). But the other Killdeer nest has disappeared! When we went to the park yesterday the grass was cut and the nest and log that it was hiding behind were gone! The nest probably got run over by the lawn mower. So sad! 😭

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