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Doug Wipf

Rutland, MA, USA


4/4/23: 1 egg,
4/6/23: 3 eggs,
4/9/23: 5 eggs.


Nests in boxes

5 Eastern Bluebird Eggs

April 9, 2023 - 5 eggs in the Eastern Bluebird nest.

4 responses to “5 Eastern Bluebird eggs”

  1. Paula says:

    Beautiful blue! Is the box mounted on a pole??

  2. Doug Wipf says:

    Hi, Paula – thank you… the blue shows more intensely when I use the iPhone’s flash. With natural light, the photos show some variation in the eggs’ colors.

    Yes, the box is pole mounted – just an inexpensive 1″ pole with a cone-shaped guard and a wooden hole extension. Bluebirds successfully used this box last year. However, the nesting and egg-laying was later then than this year.

  3. Paula says:

    I’m trying to attract Bluebirds…no luck so far. A Black-capped chickadee seems very interested in my “Bluebird” house. Good luck with those Bluebirds.

    • Doug Wipf says:

      Paula, I checked the nest box today and there are at least 4 hatchlings. I cannot tell at this time if the 5th egg hatched. Time will tell!

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