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Nancy Poller

Severna Park, MD, United States


The parenting pair of these 5 Bluebirds was broken up when the male died. I took him to a licensed Wildlife
Rehabilitation Center where he died shortly after arriving. The cause was not determined. The female is trying to raise them on her own. I am feeding Mealworm 4 times a day to help her.


Nests in boxes

5 Fatherless Bluebirds Hatched!

Fatherless! Five Eastern Bluebirds hatched after the mom lost her partner.

One response to “5 Fatherless Bluebirds hatched!”

  1. jennifer tackett or 330-835-7279 says:

    Nancy. Can you call or email me if you still have “Looking Good Carlene” or know where I can find her? Thanks – just wondering how she’s doing and making sure she’s still got a good home 🙂

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